What is Holy Week

Here we will show you the days and their meanings of Holy Week, emphasizing that not all religions that depend on the Holy Trinity make Holy Week destined as the date of all the circumstances that our Lord Jesus Christ passed through, Holy Week is not a exact date of these moments, but here we leave the meaning.

What is Easter:
Holy Week, known as Semana Mayor, is a period of eight days that begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday.

With Holy Week, the Christian commemorates the Easter Triduum, that is, the moments of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Other Definition
A seven-day period that, according to the civil calendar, begins on Monday and ends on Sunday, and, according to the liturgical calendar, begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
Holy Week Last week of Lent, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, which the Catholic Church dedicates to remembering the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.
“the processions of Holy Week”

What is Holy Week

PALM SUNDAY FOR CHRISTIANS (First Sunday of the week)
Palm Sunday has a celebration in which the last acts of Jesus are celebrated. The faithful usually carry olive bouquets with them to be blessed by the celebrating Priest, carrying great symbolism full of faith.

During Holy Monday, the last acts of Jesus are remembered before his crucifixion. Large festivals and processions are held in some towns and cities, attracting many worshipers from various regions. During Holy Tuesday we continue to reflect on the various passages that recall the life of Jesus, preparing for the most relevant days, in which the most important passages are commemorated, coming to an end with Holy Wednesday.

Holy Thursday is considered the first day of the Easter Triduum (the three days that the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ are celebrated). On this day the passage of the Last Supper of Jesus before being crucified is remembered, in which he presents the Eucharist, materialized as bread and wine, representing the flesh and blood of God.

During Good Friday, the Crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated, which took place on a mountain called Gólgota (place of the skull in Aramaic) in the year 33, being one of the most important days of Holy Week.

As you may already suppose, the ways of celebrating Holy Week or Easter may vary depending on the countries, since each one has its own customs or rites. Here are some of the ways to celebrate Holy Week around the world:

Of course, one of the best cities to celebrate Easter is Jerusalem, the Holy City, where thousands of pilgrims gather every year to visit a place that is so sacred to Christians.

With this we conclude that for some people Easter is a time to relax and vacation, in some countries it is given as a national holiday in others not, this time for all religions that are based on the Holy Trinity even if it is not the original date of everything. what happened our Lord Jesus Christ is time to seek him to be in communion and to meditate on the bad we do in our lives, accept him as your Lord and Savior, declare it with your mouth and you will be saved, God bless you greatly!

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