Who was Abimelech

He was born in Shechem
He died in Thebes,

because a woman threw him off the wall with a millstone.
Abimelech was the son of Jerobaal of the city of Shechem and his concubine. Abimelech wanted to rule all of Shechem, he betrayed his relatives and killed all the sons of Jeroboal, and he did so, but one of his sons, the youngest, named Jotham, managed to escape. This young man told Shechem’s family what had happened, but Abimelech ruled Shechem for three years before the conspiracies against him began. Abimelech responded with brute force and great violence against those who opposed him, so that even his leaders tried to take his throne from him.

A civil war broke out in the city of Thebes, where Abimelech surrounded all the inhabitants of the city and locked them in a tower with the intention of burning them alive, but a woman threw a millstone from above, which fell on Abimelech, breaking him. the cranium. . . . Before dying, Abimelech called his slave to run him through with the sword, because he did not want to be killed by him, after which the slave ran him through with the sword. That was the end of Abimelech’s life and reign. It was a rule of lawless power and blood, a stark contrast to the empire of his father.

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