Who was Maria

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of the few women mentioned in the Bible and the only one whose life and ministry were prophesied centuries before her birth. . The gospels of the New Testament writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, give only a glimpse of her life and ministry, because her focus is precisely on the Savior. However, the early Christian church gave Mary the title theotokos, “God Bearer or Mother of God,” to remind her of her important role in the Father’s plan.

Nazareth: the home of Mary
Unfortunately, the New Testament tells us nothing about Mary’s parents, her birth, or her life in Nazareth. Lucas describes Nazareth as a polis, which can be translated as city or village, but it does not seem to have been an important place. Nazareth is not mentioned in any text other than the New Testament before the end of the second century AD. c.

We know that Nazareth was located in the south of Galilee on a hill overlooking the fertile valley of Jezreel, 105 km north of Jerusalem. Archeology shows that first century Nazareth was more of a village than a town or even a city, with a population of around 100-500 people.

Maria’s call
The story of Mary found in the book of Luke begins with the appearance of the angel Gabriel, the same angel who previously appeared to Zacharias in the temple (cf. Lk 1,11, 19, 26). When Gabriel appears, Mary is a young woman betrothed to Joseph (see Luke 1:27). Although we don’t know how old Maria was at the time, in ancient times marriage contracts could be signed even before puberty.
Let’s consider the principle that this part of Mary’s story teaches about being a disciple. God’s plan for Mary was not something she asked for! Gabriel appeared to Zacharias, because he and Elizabeth were praying for a miracle to have a child, but he came to Mary in very different circumstances: not to fulfill a prayer, but to reveal God’s will to her.

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