Who was Peter

Birth: 1 AD
Death: 68 AD.
Simon or Simeon; Bethsaida.

Apostle of Jesus Christ and first head of his church. He was a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee until he left his home in Capernaum to join the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth in the early days of his preaching; Along with him, other local fishermen joined Jesus, such as his own brother Andrew and the two sons of Zebedee, James and John, who were part of the original nucleus of the twelve apostles.
Simon’s name is mentioned in all the Gospels; Jesus always addresses him like this, with one exception (Lk 22, 3): “But he said: ‘I tell you, Peter, today the rooster will not crow until you deny me three times'”.

The denial of Pedro Carmen Doloroso The first step of the brotherhood (Sevillian)
On the other hand, Paul of Tarsus always called Peter by the name “Cephas”, just like Jesus. This Hebrew word, from the Hellenized Aramaic כיפא (kephas), was not a proper name, but Paul and Jesus return it as such.

The Aramaic Greek word “Kephas” means “stone.”

Peter and Petra have different meanings in subtegda Greek, but have the same meaning in Koine Greek.

It is worth mentioning that Pedro (Petro-πέτρος)8 is mentioned as a male from the Greek πέτρα (petra), that is, ‘stone’, slightly changing its ending but maintaining the root; they never translate lithos (λίϑος), which would mean a step and could be interpreted as a small stone.9
In the story of the call to the disciples, Jesus addresses Simon Peter with the Greek term Κηφᾶς (Keephas). ),10 Hellenized form of Aramaic physical physics (kepa), meaning “stone”, a term not previously used as a proper name:

Who denied Jesus Christ three times
Peter is quick to say: “If everyone does evil, I will not tell you Jesus said to him: Truly, truly, I tell you, this evening, before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times. I will certainly not deny you.”

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