Bezalel in the Bible

(Heb .: Be † ™ zalel, in the shadow of God).

Son of Uri, son of Hur from the tribe of Judah, whom the Lord called by name (Exodus 31: 2; Exodus 35:30) and through His Spirit enabled him to work in metal, wood and stone for the tabernacle.
2. A descendant of Pachat-moab, an official from Moab, who during the days of Ezra and Nehemiah was forced to leave his foreign wife (Ezra 10:30).
A craftsman endowed by God with unparalleled wisdom and ability to shape gold and other precious metals (Exodus 31: 2-5; 36: 2). Bezaleel was also a very skilled carpenter who put all his knowledge and experience to the service of the construction of acacia wood sheets, which he overlaid with gold (Exodus 37: 1; 38:23). (b) One of the Israelites married to foreign women whom Ezra persuaded to say goodbye to his children and wives (Ezra 10:30).

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