You’ve probably heard of a piece called a chandelier or chandelier. In general, this object has been used throughout history to place candles or candles and thus illuminate a place. This object today can be valued as something out of date, but for God it has a totally current and important meaning.

Nowadays we are used to having lighting everywhere, in fact the lighting trend today is LED, the beautiful and modern lamp that enhances the lighting of homes, offices and commercial spaces. However, I’m pretty sure you know about a candlestick or have at least heard of it, and in this article you will discover what it means in the Bible.

The candlestick is one of the oldest and most important symbols of the Jewish people and of the Christian religion. The candlestick or menorah in Hebrew is a candlestick that consists of a pillar or central tube from which six arms come out, a total of seven lamps (Exodus 25: 31-32). And its Christian interpretation refers to the fact that a lamp represents the Lord’s Church in each place or place where it is located.

The clean and hammered gold candlestick

In the Bible there are many references to the lampstand. The first passage is found in Exodus 25: 31-40, which deals with God’s instruction to make the first lampstand. This candlestick is made of pure gold and is hammered in one piece and refers to the Lord’s church.

The gold of the candlestick refers to the divine nature of God, for the gold to be pure, it must go through a furnace at a very high temperature so that it melts, the impurities go away and form. In the same way, God represents this gold, which must be in the middle of the church to clean and purify it.

Hamrad signifies the suffering and suffering that the church must go through to shape the candlestick, the construction of this first candlestick was a difficult task for Moses, but God trained several men with wisdom and intelligence to mold the gold and process it. In this way we see how God is in the middle of building the church because it is his job.

Important: because the chandelier is hammered, it means that it has no shape, that is, there is no shape where the molten gold is cast and automatically takes the shape; rather, the person who works gives the form. In the same way, the lampstand in each city is hammered by God and will treat it according to need and process.

A candlestick, a church

In the prophetic book of Revelation, the apostle John had a vision revealed by Jesus Christ, in which the Lord explains to John what the lampstand means in Revelation 1:20.

This vision revealed to the apostle John shows that the seven lampstands are the seven churches. But what churches? The answer is found in Revelation 1:11, the churches referred to by the Lord Jesus are Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. These churches are in a physical place, in Asia. They are not organizations, nor are they foundations or places or places built by men, but places, cities, where there are Christians and believers.

In the Bible, when we find the word church or churches, it refers to the body of Christ, that is, to all believers who have believed in Christ and have confessed him as Lord and Savior; But when the Bible refers to the church in Ephesus, it refers to all the believers who live there. And so for the letter of the apostle Paul, for example: The Church of the Corinthians, the Church of Colosse, the Church of Antioch, the Church of Philippi, etc., that was the name that the Bible gave to the Church.

Therefore, the church has the name of the place or place where it is located, these places represent a lamp to the Lord and are made up of each of the believers who live in this place.

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