Ezekiel 35 Commentary

Edom punished (35:1-15)

Since the Jews were to inherit their land again, any foreign nation that attempted to occupy that land for itself had to be overcome. One such nation was Edom, symbolized here by its distinctive landmark, Mt Seir (35:1-4). Edom had a long record of bitter hatred of Israel, and with wicked vindictiveness had gladly helped Babylon crush Jerusalem in 587 BC. Therefore, Edom itself will be crushed. It will suffer the slaughter it made Jerusalem suffer. Its people will be wiped out and its land left uninhabited (5-9; see notes on 25:12-14).

Edom was determined to take over the territory of Judah for itself, but God saw Edom’s action as an attack upon him. Since Judah was God’s people and their land was his territory, Edom’s curses against Judah were really blasphemies against God (10-13). Far from taking over Judah’s land, Edom will be destroyed and its land left a desolation (14-15).

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