More than 100 Christians are killed in a terrorist attack in Nigeria

More than 100 Christians are killed in a terrorist attack in Nigeria

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Islamic extremists of the Fulani ethnic group – in northeastern Nigeria – who were accused of aligning themselves with the terrorist group Boko Haram killed more than 100 Christians after the retaliatory clashes earlier this month on suspicion of receiving military aid. the attack, according to a report.

The killings occurred last week in the northeastern state of Adamawa, where tensions began after some of the terrorists raped and killed a pregnant woman belonging to Numan’s predominantly Christian community at her ranch and also killed her husband and His brother when they tried according to the news site “World”, which says that several members of the community organized a counterattack on the terrorist group, but ended up falling into an ambush.

The attack ravaged several villages in the southern part of the state, and a military plane bombed a Lutheran church and other whites, according to witnesses. The government claims that it used military aircraft in response to the attack.


Stephen Mamza, president of the local Christian association in Nigeria, cited that the death toll is at least 100, and that others are still missing and may also be dead.

The Global Terrorism Index of 2017 described Islamic extremists known as ‘Fulani pastors’, who regularly attack Christians in southern Adamawa, as terrorists in 2014.

Only in February 2016, the Fulani came to kill some 300 Christians in Benue. In March of this year, they killed another 200 Christians in Nasarawa.

The Global Terrorism Index says that the Fulani are responsible for up to 60,000 deaths since 2001.

In October, the pastors murdered 48 Christians in various attacks perpetrated over a period of nine days in the Plato state.

The Rev. Andrew Okebe, Zonal Coordinator of the Christian Association of Nigeria, in the district of Miango, explained what happened during the attack:

“The soldiers told the women and children who were hiding in the primary school during the night, while the men of the village formed a group of vigilantes and joined the soldiers to patrol the area. Unfortunately, the militia went down and the soldiers fled, leaving the defenseless villagers to be massacred by the terrorists, “he said.

The “International Christian Concern”, which tells about the persecution suffered by Christians around the world, pointed out at the time, although such incursions are not new to the area, the “ferocity and number of attacks in this short period caused great problems for the besieged citizens “.

“In addition, the fact that there is a military force stationed in the area, which has been completely ineffective, raises even more cause for concern,” the ICC said.

Government officials do not recognize that the Fulani are specifically focused on killing Christians because of their faith.

In January, Bishop Diamond Emuobor, president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, said: “Christians must defend themselves and those who do not have a sword must sell their coat and buy one to defend themselves.”

The bishop also urged President Muhammadu Buhari to prevent the killing of Nigerian Christians, noting that people in the north of the country are particularly at risk.

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