SPOOKY!! Attack and extortion against Evangelist Gary Lee

SPOOKY!! Attack and extortion against Evangelist Gary Lee

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In recent months Evangelist Gary Lee has received attacks and accusations from unscrupulous people to damage his ministry.

It is alleged that these attacks are part of satan’s secret plan to destroy God’s plan in his ministry, in which the Evangelist has been carrying out evangelistic campaigns worldwide for more than 40 years, which is why many people have accepted to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In recent attacks, he has been accused of illicit acts and tried to extort money from him in order to stop defacing him.

Meanwhile, the evangelist does not stop participating in evangelistic campaigns where he declares that his trust is placed in God, and HE is the one who defends him from all the attacks of satan and of the people who attempt daily against his life and ministry.

Evangelist Gary Lee assures “If God with me, who against me? . Do not waste your time in destroying my ministry, rather united we will be vessels of honor to carry the message of Salvation of Jesus. ”

The following video was published by the official channel of evangelist Gary Lee.

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