LGBT activists put the image of Mary aborting Jesus in front of the church

LGBT activists put the image of Mary aborting Jesus in front of the church

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A march promoted by an LGBT activist group in the Argentine province of San Luis, in the last weekend ended in front of the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes. Within the church, Catholics attended mass.

Father Ignacio Daminato said they began to hear a noise from the street. The priest explained to the faithful that it was the “Dissident Pride March” and continued with the celebration.

A group of protesters began shouting pro-abortion and pro-gay slogans outside the temple, shouting insults at Maria and placing an image of Our Lady aborting the baby Jesus near the entrance to the church.

When the faithful left the parish they found the blasphemous image. One of the members of the church reported what happened through his Facebook page. “I do not know if to perceive, that in the disgusting image parodying the Virgin Mary, there is an opening down where her bowels come out. With that, they want to show that … they are aborting Jesus Christ, “he wrote next to several photos.

Father Daminato said he knew about the march and came to contact the police, asking them to guarantee the protection of the premises. But he did not imagine that he was going to meet that kind of situation. Despite feeling offended, he asked: “We should not respond with hate, but demand that they respect us.”

It’s the second time this year that pro-abortion activists are making that kind of demonstration. On March 8, in the city of Tucumán, feminists perform the staging of a “miscarriage” of the Virgin Mary during a march to commemorate Women’s Day. With information from ACI Press.

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