“ALARMING” Transgender dolls are distributed by the Brazilian government.

“ALARMING” Transgender dolls are distributed by the Brazilian government.

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A debate effervesció of the social networks on the distribution of ‘dolls tránsgenero’, done by the government of Goia to children of diverse cities of the state. The point is that some dolls among distributed toys, have female characteristics and clothing, but also have a male genital organ.

The distribution of the dolls generated divergences between the parents and those responsible for the children. Although some criticized the government, saying that this would promote gender ideology, others praised it, saying that “toys help teach about diversity.”

In a video posted on social networks, one of the parents of the children, a resident of the city of Novo Gama, showed a doll dressed in a pink and yellow shirt, wearing a head band and having a male genital organ.

“You open the doll and you have lipstick, the name of the doll is here, it’s a girl, it’s lipstick, but there, you’re going to take off the doll’s clothes to give your son, your daughter, to play , and look only, does one of those businesses have a place? “Says the man while showing the toy distributed by the government.

Neliane Macedo, 30, is the mother of two girls, one of five years old and another of 11. The two children won the dolls at the state school where they study. The mother said that it was overwhelming when one of the daughters removed the clothes and asked why there was a male genital organ in the toy, since the wrist also used blush and lipstick.

“Mom, man does not use lipstick, dad does not use lipstick,” observed the girl. The boy’s mother also said that the daughter was confused and wanted to remove the male genital organ from the wrist.

“She asked me if I could remove the” piupiu “from the doll,” added the mother.

According to Neliane, the girls’ father was outraged and found the distribution of the toys a “lack of respect.”

“I am super in favor of explaining, but the school gave these dolls without any warning, each family is a family, we are Christians and I teach my daughters to respect people, regardless of how they are, but it was very contrandante “, concluded the housewife.

“The same dolls and dolls (properly dressed) delivered this Christmas were already distributed last year. The variety of gifts is a way of once again pleasing the children of the 246 Goian municipalities, there being no other objective than giving them away, “says the note.

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