Pope Francis: “Do not talk to the devil, he is smarter than us”

Pope Francis: “Do not talk to the devil, he is smarter than us”

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The Pontiff warned that Satan “always tries to appear meek” to deceive us

In an interview with the Italian Catholic channel TV2000, Pope Francis addressed the issue of evil in the world. Among other things, he stated that no one should try to argue with the devil.

He recalled that Satan is not a metaphor or a nebulous concept, but a real being with many powers. “He is bad, it is not an ethereal, diffuse thing. Is a person. I am convinced that we should never talk to Satan. Whoever does it will end up losing, “he emphasized during the weekly program Nostro Nostro, directed by Mr. Marco Pozza.
Every week the Pope is analyzing a sentence of the Our Father prayer. The theme of this fourth was “deliver us from evil.”

“He is more intelligent than any of us, he will end up investing things and you will be lost,” he warned. In the opinion of the pontiff, the devil “always tries to appear meek, he makes that game with priests and bishops. This is how it enters a person’s mind. Everything can end badly if you do not realize what is really happening. It is best to do like Jesus and order: leave, “advises Francisco.

Several times Francisco spoke about the Devil in his homilies and has already written about it. Three years ago, the Argentine bishop spoke at a convention of exorcists from all over the world, that they should “fight the devil’s works.” Unlike other Catholic theologians, Francisco does not believe that the enemy is a “metaphor” or just an “idea” of evil. With information from the Daily Mail.

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