Definition. The biblical meaning of the word Reprove in biblical terms means those teachings that make us self-righteous. Strictly speaking, you are using an argument against the person who used it before. It would be like warning someone to correct themselves.

It is a word used in Timothy 3, where it is said that God’s writing helps us to correct ourselves, to improve, to convince. On the contrary, it is a word that means a self-affirmation in our beliefs, which at the same time helps us to correct the small details and errors of our personality, either in our way of acting, thinking, etc … Although it is rarely found In the Bible, it is a word that symbolizes a form of self-reprimand and self-learning.

We can find the word condemned in some of these passages:

2 Timothy 3. “All Scripture is inspired by God and useful to teach, convince, correct, instruct in righteousness”

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