The Parable of the Precious Pearl

Matthew 13: 45-46

45 “The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for good pearls, 46 and when he finds a precious pearl, he goes, sells everything he has and buys the pearl.


It is very similar to the hidden treasure in Matthew 13:44, here in the parable of the precious pearl we have a merchant who looks for pearls, and when he finds it, he sells everything he has and buys it; This is how God wants us to meet King Jesus when we meet King Jesus.

Seeing the value of Christ when we believe in the gospel is a great gift given by grace, appreciating it means that Christ is more important than anything we love and want in this life. Scripture has several verses on the subject of the riches of glory in Christ Jesus, he must be our greatest wealth over our parents, children, property, even more than our own lives (Matthew 10: 37-39, Luke 14:33 ). The treasure of the good news of the gospel has been deposited in clay jars, which need to be transformed in the hands of the potter, with his tenderness we begin to experience his love, mercy, goodness and grace. And at the same time we must be grateful in the hands of the Redeemer for doing what he wants; our pilgrimage along the straight path that leads to life is narrow,

May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.

Good advice: read chapter 15 of Matthew.

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