The Parable of the Net

MATTHEW 13: 47-50

13:47 Likewise, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that is cast into the sea and that gathers all kinds of fish; 13:48 and when they get drunk, they take him to the beach; and they sit down, collect the good in baskets and throw away the bad. 13:49 Thus shall it be in the last time: angels shall come forth, and separate the wicked from the righteous; 13:50 and they will throw them into the fiery furnace; there will be crying and gnashing of teeth.


In this parable Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is like the activity of throwing the net into the sea to fish, and when it is full he takes it out and goes to the shore and when he sits down he begins to gather. the good fish and the bad fish from the basket, and then the parable says that it will be at the end of the age, the angels will come out and separate the unjust and throw them into the fiery furnace; there will be crying and gnashing of teeth. Observe and notice the parable of the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13: 41-42 the furnace; he will cry and gnash his teeth. ” This century to which he refers is the end of the present century, in the Bible it speaks of two centuries (not 100 years), the present and the future, united by the return of Christ.

Jesus tells us that the net is thrown at all the fish, there is no respect for people, we are all called equal to repentance and to be servants of Christ through the proclamation of the gospel, but in the end he is the judge of the just. and unjust will return the word that everyone has heard while they had earthly life. The good fish are the righteous, those who live according to the gospel of Christ, and the bad fish are those who reject the gospel.

If by reading these lines you have served the Lord with passion and devotion, and you feel discouraged, remember your first love, believe in the gospel of Christ, it is time to reconcile with him, his kingdom will grow in the midst of wheat and tares, good fish and evil, and at the end of the age only the righteous will have the great inheritance.

Good advice: read Matthew 13

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