The parable of the two sons

Matthew 21: 28-32 21:28

But what do you think? A male had two cubs, and approaching the previous one he said: Son, go now to work in my vineyard. 21:29 And he answered and said, I don’t want to; however later, sadly regretful, if it was. 21:30 And the other came and spoke to him, saying: And he answered said, Yes, sir, I will. And it wasn’t exactly. 21:31 Which of both did the autonomy of its producer? They said: The primitive. Jesus Christ said to them: Truly I tell you that tax collectors and harlots go ahead of you to the kingdom of the Creator. 21:32 For John killed you in the way of the law, and you did not believe him; nevertheless the publicans and prostitutes believed him; and you, when you saw this, do not regret later to trust him.


John the Baptist came to prepare the way of the Lord, many who apparently followed the true God did not understand when the kingdom of heaven was approaching and for that reason they rejected the doctrine of the good news of salvation, they did not believe in sinners because of their Judaism, but they maintained an outstanding life before the religious and political community, far from the almighty God; He believes that Jesus calls us to return to the life that pleases him, his teachings and commandments are in his holy words.

The world believes that Christians are those who, covered in guilt, seek refuge in religion, but Jesus gives life and peace in the midst of all the difficulties that both the rich and the poor face in this world, but Jesus says: Come me all that. you are tired and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

Good advice: read chapter 7 of Matthew.

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