The parable the duty of the servant

Luke 17: 7-10 7

Who of you, having a servant who plows or grazes cattle, when he returns from the field, says to him: Come in and sit at the table? 8 Doesn’t it say to you more perfectly: Prepare my supper, tie yourselves together and serve me even though I have eaten and drunk? And after this you eat and drink? 9 do you thank the servant for doing what was ordered? I do not think so. 10 So you still say, when you have accomplished everything you have managed, and you say: ‘We are useless servants, because what we should do, we did.


This parable is often misrepresented with the word “useless”, although what do we do with other parts of Scripture that say the opposite of the  action  of the  God  or Owner towards His servant? in the parable of the watchful servant in Luke 12:37, “Blessed are the  slaves  whom their master will find watchful when he comes; Truly I tell you, he will gird himself and make them sit at the table and come to serve them, “in another parable of the talents in Matthew 25: 21 ”, and his  God  said: well done,  properly ! and faithful servant; You were a little  unconditional , I will put you on  top  of a lot; enter the  enjoyment  of your God  ”. In the verses  said  above, we have the  superior  or  lord  who, when he arrives, does the servant what he has to  do , tells him to sit down at the table and serve him, and in the second verse of Matthew we have the servant who has been faithful and  God  tells him to enter into the  enjoyment  of your  God ,  however  the  rebellious  are told that he is useless, as Matthew 25: 29-30 says: “For whoever has, it is given and it will take”; and from the one who does not have what he has, it will be taken from him. And cast the useless servant into the  shadows. Will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, “then why does the  Lord  Jesus  who , when they  proceeded  all that is commanded them  to affirm  that we are unprofitable servants?  Answer  of  how  simple and urgent  Almighty  has us  said  to be servants helpful and obedient In his kingdom, the useless do not obey the  Savior  Jesus . The meaning of the word useless according to Rae1 is that it is not useful, it could not But the   most appropriate promise for the  purpose  is without  reward , 2  in other words , we are servants without deserving  and unworthy to  accept  his grace to  pour out  the only   true Almighty . The  business  center of the  allegory  is  happy  servitude  our  God  Jesus . We cannot  reflect  on  obeying  the Messiah King   with false humility saying: ” Most High ,  Jehovah , I am a useless servant who hits us in the chest”, and  after  praying, we do with our lives Hidden what we want,  rebellious  to Him, far away of the Lord’s self  –  determination ; Rather, we are to be useful servants of  God  with  delight , not just with  promises  but with  incidents . He made great  words  of  honesty  and obedience, and in the book of Revelation at the end of each letter that the apostle John sends to the seven churches, it says that all winners in  Jesus Christ  God  will receive a  reward . You can read additional reading on the Message of  Jesus Christ No. 62 – Beyond the Overcomers – Romans 8: 37-39. It is not a contradictory parable, because with the correct interpretation everything is intertwined, do not lose the north, because of the useless word (v.10), it corresponds to the call to obedience that the  Redeemer  Christ  calls all his  apostles . ; As it is written in the  narration  of  both  principles  Luke 6:46 why do you call me  Jehovah ,  Almighty  and do not do what I say? Just as the servant in this  allegory  obeyed his master,  yet  perhaps  that servant was not full of  joy.He made the task reluctantly, because his master tells him a  chance  to eat and drink can eat  later  a long  journey  of work. comply . Unlike the servants of  God , they are distinguished by the fact that they believe in the  faithfulness  of  Almighty  and obey him, accompanied by  happiness .

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