They prohibit to teach on God and religion in the schools of Argentina

They prohibit to teach on God and religion in the schools of Argentina

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The Supreme Court of Argentina, the highest court of the South American country, banned the teaching of religion in schools in the province of Salta.
Although there is a law of the year 1884 that decrees that public education is universal, free and secular, in Salta religion was taught in the classrooms of public schools since 2008.

The Salta authorities who decreed the teaching of religion protected themselves that education is the responsibility of the provincial governments and not of the central government.

However, the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina considered that the teaching of religion in the public schools of Salta constituted a “discriminatory” fact and that “it violates the principle of equality and non-discrimination that should guide” educational policies .
The ruling also invalidates the requirement that parents make public their desire for their children to receive religion classes in Santa’s schools. According to the judges, they would violate the right to privacy and that an individual is obliged to reveal their religious beliefs is “to open a crack in the system of fundamental rights.”

According to the national news agency of Argentina Telam, the judges stated that it is proven “the presence of students in the classroom during classes of catechesis peses to which their parents had expressed their wish that their children not receive religious education.”

The sentence also includes the option for schools to provide religious education outside of class schedules.

Meanwhile, the governor of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey, said weeks ago that the province would accept the ruling that the Court

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