What does it mean to be willing in the Bible?

3:20). What did Noah, Samuel, and Isaiah have in common? A willing heart. Dispuesto is an adjective that means “ready to use”; I also found a definition that explains in simple language that the will is “to do things with will and will.”

What does it mean to have the Bible?

Layout (gr. Diatague, “regulation”, “direction”). In the Law 7:53 passage, the martyr Stephen refers to the transmission of the “law” through the angels. In Romans 13: 2, the apostle Paul alludes to a Christian opposition to God’s order of events.

What is it like to dispose of your heart before God?

Ø the disposition is a personal act, of one’s own will. … God wants to work in your life, but for him to do so, you must activate your own will and give your heart to the Holy Spirit.

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