Israel wants to prove that Jerusalem belongs to the descendants of

Israel wants to prove that Jerusalem belongs to the descendants of
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The decision of the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel still has repercussions throughout the world.

One of the “arms” of the Palestinians to try to nullify the decision is the argument that hurts UN and UNESCO resolutions, which insist that there are no Jewish connections with the city, especially on the Temple Mount.

The Minister of Culture, Miri Regev, announced that the Antiquities Authority of Israel will have a budget of 70 million dollars for excavations in many historical places in Jerusalem.

The aim is to strengthen, through new discoveries, the bonds of the Jews with the ancient city. Obviously, this can generate more condemnations by Muslims, who claim to be the legitimate owners of the city they dominated for more than 1500 years.

Unlike previous excavations in the city that always aimed to “protect” archaeological sites, the current plan aims to discover, preserve and develop the Old City of Jerusalem, from the Har Etzion region to the City of David.

The project, however, excludes the Temple Mount complex, where no excavation can be performed. However, just revealing that there was a connection between the palace of David and Solomon with the place is enough to prove what is clearly related in the Old Testament.

This plan is a historic initiative, being the first time that an official agency of the Israeli government carries out full-size excavations in the city declared capital of Israel by King David about a thousand years before Christ.

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