Places that Jesus walked

This tradition is reproduced by the believers in the tradition of the 7 stations that the faithful do on the night of Holy Thursday and in which many other temples are visited.

Recreation of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. Font.

Those stations begin in the upper room, the site in Jerusalem where Jesus dined with the apostles the last supper in his history.

the garden of gethsemane

After the last supper, Jesus left with his disciples in the direction of the Garden of Gethsemane, on the Hill of Olives, located in the Kidron Valley. The surroundings of Jerusalem were rich in olive groves and the olive trees occupied the first place among the trees and plants of the city and its surroundings.

Garden of Gethsemane today.

At nightfall, after Jesus has been arrested, he has been taken to Annas’ house where he has been detained, interrogated and beaten. Annas granted it to Caiaphas, but Caiaphas did not have the authority to order the death penalty, so he brought Jesus before Pilate, the Roman ruler in Judea, to decide his fate.

The upper part of the Jerusalem metropolis

Then Jesus would have gone to the residence of Pontius Pilate, where he has been accused by the Jews.

Pilate sent it to Herod, whose palace has been the second most important building in the metropolis, after the church in Jerusalem.

Herod would return Jesus to Pilate, who according to the Gospel gave the crowd the choice between his crucifixion or that of Barabbas, the end being known.

Calvary Hill and the Holy Mausoleum

Calvary or Golgotha hill (in Aramaic, Golgotha, ‘skull’) was located in the northwest of the city of Jerusalem, adjacent to a limestone quarry where Jesus has been, according to the Bible, buried in a tomb after the crucifixion of the.

Interior of the Holy Mausoleum in Jerusalem

At present the mausoleum in which Jesus has been buried is in the homonymous temple, that of the Holy Mausoleum.

It is in the Old Metropolis of Jerusalem, which is parallel to the confluence line between East (Arab) and West (Jewish) Jerusalem.

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