Where Jesus Lived

Jesus of Nazareth arose and lived in the space of the Middle East still called Palestine today. Historically it has received different names: Judea, Canaan, Israel or the Holy Land, although all of them allude to diffuse geographical realities and not strictly coincident.

The Jerusalem metropolis

At that time it was, like many relevant towns of the era, a walled metropolis, as explained in this blog: “the integrity of the urban nucleus was shown surrounded by a wall that gave it an oblong aspect from north to south”.

«The northern part had 2 walls, one inside the other: the first north wall or viaduct, which starting from the west face of the Temple reached the north façade of Herod’s palace and communicated the two through the pre-eminent passage of the wall ; and surrounding this, and embracing a vast region to the north, the second north wall.’

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