Names with letter J and what they mean

Names with letter JNames with letter J
Jaakan, tribulation; laborJekamean, the people shall arise
Jaakobah, supplanter; deceiver; the heelJekamiah, establishing, or revenging, of the Lord
Jaala, ascending; a little doe or goatJekuthiel, hope, or congregation, of the Lord
Jaalam, hidden; young man; heirJemima, handsome as the day
Jaanai, answering; afflicting; making poorJemuel, God's day; son of God
Jaasau, doing; my doingJephunneh, he that beholds
Jaasiel, God's workJerah, the moon; month; smelling sweet
Jaazaniah, whom the Lord will hearJerahmeel, the mercy, or the beloved, of God
Jaazah, Jaazar, helperJered, ruling; coming down
Jaaziah, Jaaziel, the strength of the LordJeremai, my height; throwing forth waters
Jabal, which glides awayJeremiah, exaltation of the Lord
Jabbok, evacuation; dissipation; wrestlingJeremoth, eminences; one that fears death
Jabesh, dryness; confusion; shameJeriah, fear, or throwing down, of the Lord
Jabez, sorrow; troubleJerebai, fighting; chiding; multiplying
Jabin, Jabneh, he that understands; buildingJericho, his moon; his month; his sweet smell
Jabneel, building of GodJeriel, fear, or vision of God
Jachan, wearing out; oppressingJerijah, same as Jeriah
Jachin, he that strengthens and makes steadfastJerimoth, he that fears or rejects death
Jacob, that supplants, undermines; the heelJerioth, kettles; breaking asunder
Jada, knowingJeroboam, he that opposes the people
Jadau, his hand; his confessionJeroham, high; merciful; beloved
Jaddua, knownJerubbaal, he that defends Baal, let Baal defend his cause
Jael, he that ascends; a kidJerubbesheth, let the idol of confusion defend itself
Jagur, husbandman; strangerJeruel, fear, or vision of God
Jah, the everlastingJerusalem, vision of peace
Jahaleel, praising God; light of GodJerusha, banished; possession; inheritance
Jahath, broken in pieces; descendingJesaiah, health, or salvation, of the Lord
Jahaz, Jahazah, quarrel; disputeJeshebeab, sitting, or captivity, of the father
Jahaziah, the vision of the LordJesher, right; singing
Jahaziel, seeing GodJeshimon, solitude; desolation
Jahdiel, the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of GodJeshishai, ancient; rejoicing exceedingly
Jahdo, I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newnessJeshohaia, the Lord pressing; the meditation of God
Jahleel, waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, GodJeshua, same as Joshua
Jahmai, warm; making warmJesiah, sprinkling of the Lord
Jahzeel, God hasteth, or dividethJesimiel, naming, or astonishment, of God
Jair, Jairus, my light; who diffuses lightJesse, gift; oblation; one who is
Jakan, same as AchanJesui, even-tempered; flat country
Jakim, rising; confirming; establishingJesus, savior; deliverer
Jalon, tarrying; murmuringJether, he that excels
Jambres, poverty; bitter; a rebelJetheth, giving
James, same as JacobJethlah, hanging up; heaping up
Jamin, right hand; south windJethro, his excellence; his posterity
Jamlech, reigning; asking counselJetur, order; succession; mountainous
Janna, Jannes, who speaks or answers; afflicted; poorJeuel, God hath taken away; God heaping up
Janoah, Janohah, resting; tarrying; derivingJeush, Jeuz, he that is devoured
Janum, sleepingJew, same as Judah
Japhet, enlarged; fair; persuadingJezaniah, nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord
Japhia, enlightening; appearingJezebel, chaste
Japhlet, Japhleti, delivered; banishedJezer, island of help
Japho, fairness; comelinessJeziah, Jeziel, sprinkling of the Lord
Jarah, a wood; honeycomb; watching closelyJezoar, clear; white
Jareb, a revengerJezrahiah, the Lord arises; brightness of the Lord
Jared, a ruling; commanding; coming downJezneel, seed of God
Jaresiah, the bed of the Lord; the Lord hath taken away; povertyJibsam, their drought, their confusion
Jarib, fighting; chiding; multiplying; avengingJidlaph, he that distills water
Jarmuth, fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, deathJimnah, right hand; numbering; preparing
Jarvah, breathing, or making, a sweet smellJiphtah, opening
Jashem, Jashen, ancient; sleepingJiphthael, God opening
Jasher, righteous; uprightJoab, paternity; voluntary
Jashobeam, the people sitting; or captivity of the peopleJoah, fraternity; brother of the Lord
Jashub, a returning; a controversy; a dwelling placeJoahaz, apprehending; possessing; seeing
Jasiel, the strength of GodJoakim, rising or establishing of the Lord
Jason, he that curesJoanna, grace or gift of the Lord
Jathniel, gift of GodJoash, who despairs or burns
Jattir, a remnant; excellentJoatham, same as Jotham
Javan, deceiver; one who makes sadJob, he that weeps or cries
Jazeel, strength of GodJobab, sorrowful, hated
Jazer, assistance; helperJochebed, glorious; honorable
Jaziz, brightness; departingJoed, witnessing; robbing; passing over
Jearim, a leap; woodsJoel, he that wills or commands
Jeaterai, searching outJoelah, lifting up; profiting; taking away slander
Jeberechiah, speaking well of, or kneeling to, the LordJoezer, he that aids
Jebus, treading under foot; mangerJogbehah, an exalting; high
Jebusi, trodden under foot; mangersJogli, passing over; turning back; rejoicing
Jecamiah, resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the LordJoha, who enlivens or gives life
Jecoliah, perfection, or power, of the LordJohanan, who is liberal or merciful
Jeconiah, preparation, or stability, of the LordJohn, the grace or mercy of the Lord
Jedaiah, the hand of the Lord; confessing the LordJoiarib, chiding, or multiplying, of the Lord
Jedeiah, one Lord; the joy of the LordJokdeam, crookedness, or burning, of the people
Jediael, the science, or knowledge, of GodJokim, that made the sun stand still
Jedidah, well beloved; amiableJokmeam, confirmation, or revenge, of the people
Jedidiah, beloved of the LordJokneam, possessing, or building up, of the people
Jediel, the knowledge, or renewing, of GodJokshan, an offense; hardness; a knocking
Jeduthun, his law; giving praiseJoktan, small dispute; contention; disgust
Jeezer, island of helpJonadab, who gives liberally
Jegar-sahadutha, heap of witnessJonah, or Jonas, a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer
Jehaleleel, Jehalelel, praising God; clearness of GodJonan, a dove; multiplying of the people
Jehaziel, same as JahazielJonathan, given of God
Jehdeiah, joy together, one LordJoppa, beauty; comeliness
Jeheiel, God livethJorah, Jorai, showing; casting forth; a cauldron
Jehezekel, strength of GodJoram, to cast; elevated
Jehiah, the Lord livethJordan, the river of judgment
Jehiskiah, the strength, or taking, of the LordJorim, he that exalts the Lord
Jehoadah, passing over; testimony of the LordJosabad, having a dowry
Jehoaddan, pleasure, or time, of the LordJosaphat, same as Jehoshaphat
Jehoahaz, possession of the LordJose, raised; who pardons
Jehoash, fire of the LordJoseph, increase; addition
Jehohanan, grace, or mercy, or gift, of the LordJoses, same as Jose
Jehoiachin, preparation, or strength, of the LordJoshah, being; forgetting; owing
Jehoiada, knowledge of the LordJoshaviah, the seat, alteration, or captivity of the Lord
Jehoiakim, avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of the LordJoshbekesha, it is requiring or beseeching
Jehoiarib, fighting, or multiplying, of the LordJoshua, a savior; a deliverer
Jehonadab, Jonadab, free giver; liberalityJosiah, the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord
Jehonathan, gift of the Lord; gift of a doveJosibiah, the seat, or captivity of the Lord
Jehoram, exaltation of the LordJosiphiah, increase of the Lord; the Lord's finishing
Jehoshaphat, the Lord is judgeJotham, the perfection of the Lord
Jehosheba, fullness, or oath, of the LordJothath, Jothatha, his goodness
Jehoshua, same as JoshuaJozabad, same as Josabad
Jehovah, self-subsistingJozachar, remembering; of the male sex
Jehovah-jireh, the Lord will provideJubal, he that runs; a trumpet
Jehovah-nissi, the Lord my bannerJucal, mighty; perfect
Jehovah-shalom, the Lord send peaceJudah, the praise of the Lord; confession
Jehovah-shammah, the Lord is thereJudas, Jude, same as Judah
Jehovah-tsidkenu, the Lord our righteousnessJudaea, Judea, same as Judah
Jehozabad, the Lord's dowry; having a dowryJudith, same as Judah
Jehozadak, justice of the LordJulia, downy; soft and tender hair
Jehu, himself who existsJulius, same as Julia
Jehubbah, hiding, bindingJunia, youth
Jehucal, mighty; perfect; wastedJupiter, the father that helpeth
Jehud, Jehudi, praising; conferringJushabhesed, dwelling-place; change of mercy
Jehudijah, the praise of the LordJustus, just or upright
Jehush, keeping counsel; fastenedJuttah, turning away
Jekabzeel, the congregation of God-----------------------------------------

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