Names with letter I and what they mean

Names with letter INames with letter I
Ibhar, election; he that is chosenIsaac, laughter
Ibleam, ancient people; people decreasingIsaiah, the salvation of the Lord
Ibneiah, Ibniah, the building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoptionIscah, he that anoints
Ibri, passing over; being angry; being with youngIscariot, a man of murder; a hireling
Ibzan, father of a target; father of coldnessIshbak, who is empty or exhausted
Ichabod, where is the glory? or, no gloryIshbi-benob, respiration; conversion; taking captive
Iconium, comingIshbosheth, a man of shame
Idalah, the hand of slander, or of cursingIshi, salvation
Idbash, flowing with honey; the land of destructionIshiah, it is the Lord
Iddo, his band; power; praiseIshma, named; marveling; desolation
Idumea, red; earthy; bloodyIshmael, God that hears
Igal, redeemed; defiledIshmaiah, hearing or obeying the Lord
Igeal, a redeemer; redeemed; defiledIshmerai, keeper, or keeping
Igdaliah, the greatness of the LordIshod, a comely man
Iim, heaps of Hebrews, or of angry menIsh-pan, hid; broken in two
Ije-abarim, heaps of Hebrews, or of passers overIsh-tob, good man
Ijon, look; eye; fountainIshua, plainness; equal
Ikkesh, forward; wickedIshmachiah, cleaving to the Lord
Illyricum, joy; rejoicingIspah, a jasper stone
Imlah, plentitude; circumcisionIsrael, who prevails with God
Immanuel, God with usIssachar, reward; recompense
Immer, saying; speaking; a lambIsui, same as Ishuah
Imnah, same as JimnahIthai, strong; my sign; a plowshare
Imrah, a rebel; waxing bitter; changingItaly, abounding with calves or heifers
Imri, speaking; exalting; bitter; a lambIthamar, island of the palm-tree
India, praise; lawIthiel, sign, or coming of God
Iphedeiah, redemption of the LordIthmah, an orphan
Ir, watchman; city; visionIthran, remaining; searching out diligently
Ira, watchman; making bare; pouring outIthream, excellence of the people
Irad, wild ass; heap of empire; dragonIttah-kazin, hour, or time, of a prince
Iram, the effusion of them; a high heapIturea, guarded; mountainous
Iri, fire; lightIvah, iniquity
Irijah, the fear of the LordIzehar, Izhar, clearness; oil
Irpeel, the health, medicine, or exulting of GodIzrahiah, the Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord
Irshemesh, a city of bondageIzri, fasting; tribulation

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