Names with letter P and what they mean

Names with letter PNames with letter P
Paarai, openingPersis, same as Persia
Padan-aram, cultivated field or table-landPeruda, same as Perida
Padon, his redemption; ox-yokePeter, a rock or stone
Pagiel, prevention, or prayer, of GodPethahiah, the Lord opening; gate of the Lord
Pahath-Moab, ruler of MoabPethuel, mouth of God; persuasion of God
Pai, Pau, howling; sighingPeulthai, my works
Palal, thinkingPhalec, same as Peleg
Palestina, which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruinPhallu, Pallu, admirable; hidden
Pallu, marvelous; hiddenPhalti Palti, deliverance, flight
Palti, deliverance; flightPhanuel, face or vision of God
Paltiel, deliverance; or banishment, of GodPharaoh, that disperses; that spoils
Pamphylia, a nation made up of every tribePharez, division; rupture
Paphos, which boils, or is very hotPharisees, set apart
Parah, a cow; increasingPharpar, that produces fruit
Paran, beauty; glory; ornamentPhebe, shining; pure
Parbar, a suburbPhenice, Phoenicia, red; purple
Parmashta, a yearling bullPhichol, the mouth of all, or every tongue
Parmenas, that abides, or is permanentPhiladelphia, love of a brother
Parnach, a bull striking, or struckPhilemon, who kisses
Parosh, a flea; the fruit of a mothPhiletus, amiable; beloved
Parshandatha, given by prayerPhilip, warlike; a lover of horses
Paruah, flourishing; that flies awayPhilippi, same as Philip, in the plural
Pasach, thy broken piecePhilistines, those who dwell in villages
Pasdammin, portion or diminishing of bloodPhilologus, a lover of letters, or of the word
Paseah, passing over; haltingPhinehas, bold aspect; face of trust or protection
Pashur, that extends or multiplies the hole; whitenessPhlegon, zealous; burning
Patara, trodden under footPhrygia, dry; barren
Pathros, Pathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruinPhurah, that bears fruit, or grows
Patmos, mortalPhygellus, fugitive
Patrobas, paternal; that pursues the steps of his fatherPhylacteries, things to be especially observed
Pau, same as PaiPi-beseth, abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast
Paul, small; littlePi-hahiroth, the mouth; the pass of Hiroth
Paulus, same as PaulPilate, armed with a dart
Pedahzur, strong or powerful savior; stone of redemptionPinon, pearl; gem; that beholds
Pedaiah, redemption of the LordPiram, a wild ass of them
Pekah, he that opens; that is at libertyPirathon, his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture
Pekahiah, it is the Lord that opensPisgah, hill; eminence; fortress
Pekod, noble; rulersPisidia, pitch; pitchy
Pelaiah, the Lord's secret or miraclePison, changing; extension of the mouth
Pelaliah, entreating the LordPithom, their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth
Pelatiah, let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the LordPithon, mouthful; persuasion
Peleg, divisionPochereth, cutting of the mouth of warfare
Pelethites, judges; destroyersPontius, marine; belonging to the sea
Pelonite, falling; secretPontus, the sea
Peniel, face or vision of God; that sees GodPoratha, fruitful
Peninnah, pearl; precious stone; the facePotiphar, bull of Africa; a fat bull
Pentapolis, five citiesPotipherah, that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat
Pentateuch, the five books of MosesPrisca, ancient
Pentecost, fiftiethPriscilla, same as Prisca
Penuel, same as PenielProchorus, he that presides over the choirs
Peor, hole; openingPuah, mouth; corner; bush of hair
Perazim, divisionsPublius, common
Peresh, horsemanPudens, shamefaced
Perez, dividedPul, bean; destruction
Perez-Uzza, division of Uzza, or of strengthPunites, beholding; my face
Perga, very earthyPunon, precious stone; that beholds
Pergamos, height; elevationPur, Purim, lot
Perida, separation; divisionPutiel, God is my fatness
Perizzites, dwelling in villagesPuteoli, sulphureous wells
Persia, that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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