Names with letter T and what they mean

Names with letter TNames with letter T
Taanach, who humbles thee; who answers theeTharah, same as Terah
Taanach-shilo, breaking down a fig-treeThebez, muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk
Tabbath, good; goodnessThelasar, same as Telassar
Tabeal, Tabeel, good GodTheophilus, friend of God
Taberah, burningThessalonica, victory against the Thessalians
Tabitha, clear-sighted; a roe-deerTheudas, flowing with water
Tabor, choice; purity; bruisingThomas, a twin
Tabrimon, good pomegranate; the navel; the middleThummim, perfection; truth
Tadmor, the palm-tree; bitternessThyatira, a perfume; sacrifice of labor
Tahan, beseeching; mercifulTibbath, killing; a cook
Tahapenes, secret temptationTiberias, good vision; the navel
Tahath, fear; going downTiberius, the son of Tiber
Tahpenes, standard; flight; temptationTibni, straw; hay
Tahrea, anger; wicked contentionTidal, that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation
Talitha-cumi, young woman, ariseTiglath-pileser, that binds or takes away captivity
Talmai, my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of watersTikvah, hope; a little line; congregation
Tamah, blotting or wiping out; smitingTilon, murmuring
Tamar, palm; palm-treeTimeus, perfect; admirable; honorable
Tammuz, abstruse; concealed; consumedTimnah, forbidding
Tanach, same as TaanachTimnath, image; figure; enumeration
Tanhumeth, consolation; repentanceTimnath-heres, or Timnath-serah, image of the sun; numbering of the rest
Taphath, distillation; dropTimon, honorable; worthy
Tappuah, apple; swellingTimotheus, honor of God; valued of God
Tarah, a hair; a wretch; one banishedTiphsah, passage; leap; step; the passover
Taralah, searching out slander, or strengthTirhakah, inquirer; examiner; dull observer
Tarea, howling; doing evilTiria, searching out
Tarpelites, ravishers; succession of miraclesTirshatha, a governor
Tarshish, contemplation; examinationTirzah, benevolent; complaisant; pleasing
Tarsus, winged; featheredTishbite, that makes captive
Tartak, chained; bound; shut upTitus, pleasing
Tartan, a general (official title)Toah, weapon; dart
Tatnai, that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributesTob, good; goodness
Tebah, murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cookTob-adonijah, my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the Lord
Tebaliah, baptism, or goodness, of the LordTobiah, Tobijah, the Lord is good
Tebeth, good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews)Tochen, middle
Tehinnah, entreaty; a favorTogarmah, which is all bone
Tekel, weightTohu, that lives; that declares
Tekoa, trumpet; that is confirmedToi, who wanders
Telabib, a heap of new grainTola, worm; grub; scarlet
Telah, moistening; greennessTolad; a generation
Telassar, taking away; heaping upTophel; ruin; folly; without understanding
Telem, their dew; their shadowTophet, a drum; betraying
Telharsa, suspension of the plow Trachonitis, stony
Tel-melah, heap of saltTroas, penetrated
Tema, admiration; perfection; consummationTrophimus, well educated; well brought up
Teman, Temani, the south; Africa; perfectTryphena, delicious; delicate
Terah, to breathe; scent; blowTryphon, masculine of Tryphena
Teraphim, images; idolsTryphosa, thrice shining
Tertius, thirdTubal, the earth; the world; confusion
Tertullus, thirdTubal-cain, worldly possession; possessed of confusion
Tetrarch, governor of a fourth partTychicus, casual; by chance
Thaddeus, that praises or confessesTyrannus, a prince; one that reigns
Thahash, that makes haste; that keeps silenceTyre, Tyrus, strength; rock; sharp
Thamah, that blots out; that suppresses-------------------------------------

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