Names with letter E and what they mean

Names with letter ENames with letter E
Ebal, ancient heapsElymas, a magician, a corrupter
Ebed, a servant; laborerElzabad, the dowry of God
Ebed-melech, the king's servantElzaphan, God of the northeast wind
Eben-ezer, the stone of helpEmims, fears; terrors; formidable; people
Eber, one that passes; angerEmmanuel, God with us
Ebiasaph, a father that gathers or addsEmmaus, people despised or obscure
Ebronah, passage over; being angryEmmor, an ass
Ecclesiastes, a preacherEnam, fountain, open place
Ed, witnessEnan, cloud
Eden, pleasure; delightEn-dor, fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation
Eder, a flockEneas, laudable
Edom, red, earthy; of bloodEn-eglaim, eye, or fountain, of calves
Edrei, a very great mass, or cloudEn-gannim, eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens
Eglah, heifer; chariot; roundEn-gedi, eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness
Eglaim, drops of the seaEn-haddah, quick sight; well of gladness
Eglon, same as EglahEn-hakkore, fountain of him that called or prayed
Egypt, that troubles or oppresses; anguishEn-hazor, the grass of the well
Ehud, he that praisesEn-mishpat, fountain of judgment
Eker, barren, feebleEnoch, dedicated; disciplined
Ekron, barrenness; torn awayEnon, cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye
Eladah, the eternity of GodEnos, mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful
Elah, an oak; a curse; perjuryEn-rimmon, well of weight
Elam, a young man; a virgin; a secretEn-rogel, the fuller's fountain; the well of searching
Elasah, the doings of GodEn-shemesh, fountain, or eye, of the sun
Elath, a hind; strength; an oakEn-tappuah, fountain of an apple, or of inflation
El-beth-el, the God of BethelEpaphras, covered with foam
Eldaah, knowledge of GodEpaphroditus, agreeable; handsome
Eldad, favored of God; love of GodEpenetus, laudable; worthy of praise
Elead, witness of GodEphah, weary; tired
Elealeh, burnt-offering of GodEpher, dust; lead
Eleazar, help of God, court of GodEphes-dammim, effusion of blood
El-elohe-Israel, God, the God of IsraelEphesus, desirable
Eleph, learningEph-lal, judging; praying
Elhanan, grace, or gift, or mercy of GodEphphatha, be opened
Eli, the offering or lifting upEphraim, fruitful; increasing
Eli, Eli, my God, my GodEphratah, Ephrath, abundance; bearing fruit
Eliab, God is my father; God is the fatherEphron, dust
Eliada, knowledge of GodEpicurean, follower of Epicurus, i.e., of one who gives assistance
Eliah, God the LordEr, watchman
Eliahba, my God the FatherEran, follower
Eliakim, resurrection of GodErastus, lovely, amiable
Eliam, the people of GodErech; length; health; physic
Elias, same as ElijahEri, my city
Eliasaph, the Lord increasethEsaias, same as Isaiah
Eliashib, the God of conversionEsar-haddon, that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness
Eliathah, thou art my GodEsau, he that acts or finishes
Elidad, beloved of GodEsek, contention
Eliel, God, my GodEsh-baal, the fire of the idol, or of the ruler
Elienai, the God of my eyesEsh-ban, fire of the sun
Eliezer, help, or court, of my GodEshcol, bunch of grapes
Elihoreph, god of winter, or of youthEshean, held up
Elihu,he is my God himselfEshek, violence, force
Elijah, God the Lord, the strong LordEshkalon, same as Askelon
Elika, pelican of GodEshtaol, a strong woman
Elim, the rams; the strong; stagsEshtemoa, the bosom of a woman
Elimelech, my God is kingEsli, near me; he who separates
Elioenai, toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountainsEsmachiah, joined to the Lord
Eliphal, a miracle of GodEsrom, dart of joy; division of a song
Eliphalet, the God of deliveranceEsther, secret; hidden
Eliphaz, the endeavor of GodEtam, their bird, their covering
Elisabeth, Elizabeth, the oath, or fullness, of GodEtham, their strength; their sign
Elisha, salvation of GodEthan, strong; the gift of the island
Elishah, it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives helpEthanim, strong; valiant
Elishama, God hearingEthbaal, toward the idol, or with Baal
Elishaphat, my God judgethEther, talk
Elisheba, same as ElisabethEthiopia, blackness; heat
Elishua, God is my salvationEthnan, gift
Eliud, God is my praiseEthni, strong
Elizur, God is my strength; my rock; rock of GodEubulus, prudent; good counselor
Elkanah, God the zealous; the zeal of GodEunice, good victory
Elkeshai, hardiness or rigor of GodEuodias, sweet scent
Ellasar, revolting from GodEuphrates, that makes fruitful
Elkoshite, a man of ElkeshaiEutychus, happy; fortunate
Elmodam, the God of measure, or of the garmentEve, living; enlivening
Elnaam, God's fairnessEvi, unjust
Elnathan, God hath given; the gift of GodEvil-merodach, the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly
Elohi, Elohim, GodExodus, going out, departure
Elon, oak; grove; strongEzbon, hastening to understand
Elon-beth-hanan, the house of grace or mercyEzekiel, the strength of God
Elpaal, God's workEzel, going abroad; walk
Elpalet, same as EliphaletEzem, a bone
Eltekeh, of grace or mercyEzer, a help
Elteketh, the case of GodEzion-geber, the wood of the man
Eltolad, the generation of GodEzra, help; court
Elul, cry or outcryEzri, my help
Eluzai, God is my strength--------------------------

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